Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1-5-2010 (TOUR BLOG)

Vacation Vinyl was amazing, I think we may have cleaned out their stock of Colt45, between all of us, I think we pretty much drank our weight in beer. after the show we spent an hour packing out our trailer.......and then drove out to see Openhand play at Spaceland in Silverlake, Ca and we hung out even more with the Earsplitters crew and became sadder that we had to leave them. We drove all night.. well Joe did most of us slept. and we got back into our home Phoenix at about 6am in the morning with just about enough time to crawl into our beds and sleep before our show tonight at Revolver records in Downtown Phoenix. everyone was great at the show in phoenix tonight. Tonight was also the first night that we meet up with My Dads (from Portland) and we will be with them and Coma, for the rest of the tour tomorrow is Tucson see you there!

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