Friday, August 29, 2008


this saturday marks the end of an era for alot of us in arizona, our beloved venue, the space will close its doors as of 8/30. "the space" was alot of different things to alot of people. to us it was a venue, a practice space, and recording studio,
but to others it was simply a place to go drink a couple of beers, and watch some great music...we have met alot of great people there that we belive will develop into some long lasting friendships, in addition to meeting some amazing people a long list of great bands have graced the space's stage including...kayo dot, battlefields, junius, constants, caspian, beware of safety, giant, rosetta, gifts from enola, giants, as well as many others,,, and though we are sad to see it go the space will be throwing one hell of a farwell show to hammer the last nail in the coffin. with some of our friends playing such as VIA VENGEANCE, LONG LIVE THE SMOKING GUN, AND ARC OF THE AURORA as well as many others this should be one event not to miss....not to mention that it is make sure to come out have a beer, and say goodbye..

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The day has fianally come.... after a year or so of planning, recording, mixing, remixing, and mixing again, we are fiannally excited to say that the EMPIRES/HELLAS MOUNDS SPLIT is now out and available to the public.. anyone who had pre-ordered the record should be getting it this week in the mail... and for all of our international friends complete distrobution will be coming you can get your hands on this as well... it has been one hell of a summer and more changes are on the way soon. we would like to thank once again the doodz at SAW HER GHOST RECORDS for all of their hardwork on the release as well as our brothers EMPIRES and special thanx to margaret lane for her contribution as well. we are all really happy with the outcome of the release.

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