Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1-4-2010 (TOUR BLOG)

Waking up a little hungover we all headed out to L.A. again for our free instore at Vacation Vinyl. Seriously if you had seen this place you would understand a bit more how amazing it is.. every single good record you can think of is here and some ones that you may not have even know that existed, everyone is super nice and we can't be thankful enough to all the new friends we have made hanging out and drinking pretty much the entire stores supply of COLT 45 and hanging out with pete, from Vacation and the rest of the EARSPLITTERS crew was a great time. if you have the means to come down here and support what they are doing at VACATION you most certainly should. Being from Arizona and being able to visit places like this make us appreciate everything that everyone out here is doing even more. It seems like everytime we are out here we get an even deeper appeciation for this music and independent D.I.Y. culture, as well as everytime we are out here, people bend over backwards to treat us with the upmost kindeness.

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