Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tour blog, 1- 6, 7, 8, - 2010

so after phoenix we headed to tucson, az for a great show with good friends Long Live the Smoking Gun. It was a great show and we had alot of fun other than the fact that we were running super late on our way there and at the end of the night our locks broke on our vehicle. After a call to AAA and a few hot drinks later we were back on the road on our way to new mexico. We drove all night and arrived there about 10am in the morning... and basically froze our asses off all day when we pulled into town greg was even wearing sandals.. we were not expecting this kind of cold, but I guess that is what we get for being from Az. Later on we met up with Coma for Dinner before our show at the launchpad. it was a great show and we made a lot of new friends including the good peeps from Distances... after that show we went out to Dustin from Comas house and drank, hung out and passed out...
crawling out of our sleeping bags the next morning to a banjo jam session in the living room of Dustin's house. After some more beer and food we were off to our last show of the tour in Santa Fe at the Santa Fe brewing Co. As we rolled up to the venue we were a little worried due to the fact that there were infants and children running around and well it looked more of like a family restaurant rather than a place to have a show..the promoter insured us we had nothing to worry about and feed us full of good pizza, and tons of beer to calm our nerves, and later on the crowd did become more of a "show-going crowd"and the show actually went amazing watching The Coma Recovery every night was mos def a plus as well. after the show the weather conditions were too ruff to drive home with a trailer so the people at the brewery gave us a full on tour and even more beer to take with us... once again this turned out to be an amazing night... we all said our goodbyes and posed for one more photo..then it was back it was back to burque to get some sleep and head out for home early next morning..

 (pictured above Us, The Coma Recovery, and My Dads)
We had an amazing time, and would like to thank all of our new and current friends.. for making this happen, my dads, the coma recovery, and EVERYONE from the earsplitters co-op in cali. we love you and see you all soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1-5-2010 (TOUR BLOG)

Vacation Vinyl was amazing, I think we may have cleaned out their stock of Colt45, between all of us, I think we pretty much drank our weight in beer. after the show we spent an hour packing out our trailer.......and then drove out to see Openhand play at Spaceland in Silverlake, Ca and we hung out even more with the Earsplitters crew and became sadder that we had to leave them. We drove all night.. well Joe did most of us slept. and we got back into our home Phoenix at about 6am in the morning with just about enough time to crawl into our beds and sleep before our show tonight at Revolver records in Downtown Phoenix. everyone was great at the show in phoenix tonight. Tonight was also the first night that we meet up with My Dads (from Portland) and we will be with them and Coma, for the rest of the tour tomorrow is Tucson see you there!

1-4-2010 (TOUR BLOG)

Waking up a little hungover we all headed out to L.A. again for our free instore at Vacation Vinyl. Seriously if you had seen this place you would understand a bit more how amazing it is.. every single good record you can think of is here and some ones that you may not have even know that existed, everyone is super nice and we can't be thankful enough to all the new friends we have made hanging out and drinking pretty much the entire stores supply of COLT 45 and hanging out with pete, from Vacation and the rest of the EARSPLITTERS crew was a great time. if you have the means to come down here and support what they are doing at VACATION you most certainly should. Being from Arizona and being able to visit places like this make us appreciate everything that everyone out here is doing even more. It seems like everytime we are out here we get an even deeper appeciation for this music and independent D.I.Y. culture, as well as everytime we are out here, people bend over backwards to treat us with the upmost kindeness.

1-3-2010 (TOUR BLOG)

last night was great in Pomona, thank you to everyone who came out and had kind words to say. today we are pulling into L.A. and are stoked to hang with old and new friends tonight will be our show at the Labcabin so be sure to make it out. Most defiantly colder than expected out here in cali.. On the stranger side of thing all of the hellas mounds and coma recovery camp visted a Scientology Museum down the street from Amoeba Records.. it was pretty creepy, infact a couple of us ducked out a bit early. other than that we are in good spirits and having a great time see you tonight!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!, hope the holidays found you and yours well we have been super busy even through the holidays we have been non-stop. As you may already know we have an upcoming EP due out early 2010 called "NEW HEAVEN/NEW EARTH" we also set off today for about a week or so long tour with our buddies THE COMA RECOVERY, we are stoked to see friendly and new faces on the road and cannot wait to see you all We have new songs, and merch to share. and we are excited to play some new music for all of you too. We will be updateing this blog alot on tour and posting updates and what not on twitter and facebook as well so be sure to keep checking back... other than that see you all soon!