Sunday, February 27, 2011

long, long, overdue...

As you can see it has been quite awhile since we have updated this, so we thought it about time to fill everyone in on what we have been up to, we have been laying very dormant recently not really doing to much other than growing as individuals discussing ideas and future plans as well as writing. We are still alive, active, things are just moving very slowly at the moment, and we are kinda liking that... there will be new material, recordings, unlike anything we have ever done before..literally. We all appreciate all of your support and kinds words and appreciate all of your patience. and please know it will be worth the wait.

In addition to our most recent hibernation, there are some other things to discuss, a few of the members of HM have ventured off into another "new" project of sorts called "RITUALS" who have also just announced they're first live performance please check them out and support them and get ready, you can find out more about "RITUALS" at We are very excited for this new venture and hope all of you will be as well.

Getting back to more HM news we are happy to announce that we have been featured in the December 2010 issue of Decibel Magazine. Saw Her Ghost Records was featured, and we were one of the picks in addition to our label mates and friends, Beast in the Field, and Supercontinent, although this was a small mention we are very stoked that we were lucky enough to be mentioned..

Last but not least we have been getting questions on where to find merch and music online, the best place to visit would be there you can find both records available for mailorder, you can also find our "demo sessions re-release" released on 1912 records, on itunes and various other sites. Again thanks for all of your support and love.. with out it we would cease to exist. more news soon so keep checking back...

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